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About Me

Psssss - you must never, and I do mean never, tell anyone a thing about me


During the working hours, I go by the civilian name Bruno Nahod. This secret identity includes research in one of the many hush-hush institutions funded by the government. My disguise goes so deeply that I have gained a PhD in cognitive neuroscience just to stay in the character.

When I punch out the card, I can finally relax and be myself - DocSmith. I retire to my small workshop (undisclosed location) and I make knives.

People around the globe had their lives changed by my work...

If you are bold enough, maybe you can become a part of my story...

Contact & Stuff

Let's see if I can make your dream knife a reality

I make a limited number of knives which gives me an opportunity to work closely with my clients.

Even if you're not actually looking to buy a knife from me, I do like to chat about knives and just about everything else, so feel free to drop me a line.

I share all my ups and downs on Instagram, so drop by and see my work in progress and upcoming available items




City of Zagreb, Zagrebacka županija, Croatia

Drop me a line!

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